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Our Services

Calibration and Force Verification Services

CTS personnel have extensive experience in calibration services in both in-house lab and onsite settings. Our calibrations are kept current and independently certified and are traceable to NIST in addition to constant in-house verification prior to work performance.

Field Testing Services

  • Proof load testing of Post Installed Anchors, Reinforcing Bars and Embed Plates
  • Static Coefficient of Friction of Walking Surfaces (Slip Resistance)
  • Moisture Vapor Emission of Concrete Subfloors
  • Concrete Sampling and Testing
  • Mortar/Grout Sampling and Testing

Materials Testing

CTS's origin evolved from the building envelope and construction materials testing industry over 30 years ago. Specialty systems, construction units, individual components of the building envelope, and structural materials are the mainstay of CTS clientele.

Product Testing

CTS has extensive experience in product-specific testing and ASTM conformance as well as other recognized test standards in: